Japan 2016 (7 of 7) Ohori Park, Fukuoka Castle Ruins & ACROSS Building


Last day in Fukuoka, my flight is at 8:00pm.

Ohori Park

My plan was to wake up very early in the morning to catch the sunrise at the park, but I was too lazy and tired to wake up early after a week of traveling all day.

Took the subway to Ohori-Koen station (¥200) and walked to the park (no entrance fee). This park is beautiful. There’s a huge lake  in the middle of the lake. And it’s a great place for jogging or riding your bike. They actually have lanes for walking, another lane for jogging, and another lane for biking!

At the center of the lake is a small island. I crossed the bridge to get to the mini island to see this little orange structure.


Before moving on to the next destination, rested a bit on one of the benches overlooking the lake of the park.


Fukuoka Castle Ruins

Luckily the castle ruins is just beside Ohori park, no need to take public transportation. And there’s no entrance fee (I love free entrance)!

Not much to do here, literally castle ruins and some garden areas!


Saw this interesting place, I believe it’s on the side of the castle. If I remember correctly, this leads to the castle turret. There was no English sign that says “do not enter”, so I opened the fence and walked in that area.


The highlight of this place is probably the peak of the castle wall where you can see a 360-degree view of the city.

You know it’s safe in Japan when you leave your camera and tripod at the bottom of the wall, ran to the top, took some photos, ran back down, and it’s still there!


Done walking around the castle ruins. Now time to go back to the hotel for check out. As I was walking to the bus station, saw these trees, just though that it’s a great background to take a photo!


ACROSS Building

Before going back, I dropped by this building with an open rooftop. The only way to go up to the rooftop is by stairs at the back of the building. FIFTEEN floors! My legs almost died, had to rest twice – luckily there are benches on some of the floors.

Finally reached the top! Another great view of the city.


Quickly walked back down so I won’t be late for checkout. Good thing this building is an Eco-friendly building, and the stairways full of plants!

There was an Indian Curry Festival happening at park behind this building. I wanted to try their food but I thought that if the food didn’t agree with me, it’s gonna an uncomfortable plane ride back home! So I just smelled the food and left.


After checking out, left my luggage inside a big locker at the train station (¥600). Then I went shopping for more calligraphy supplies and some goodies to take home.

Before I went to the airport, I couldn’t resist. One last Ichiran ramen! I had to finish it quickly though, because it’s less than three hours before my flight!


I decided to eat here for my last meal instead of airport food, because I know the airport is just 6 minutes by train from where I am. It’s okay not to be there 3 hours before my flight.

What’s about to happen next was the second most stressful time of my trip! So I arrived at the airport two and a half hours before my flight. But I didn’t know that I had to take a 10-minute bus to the international terminal. When I got there, I queued to check-in my luggage. My mistake was that I forget to web-check in. I was in line for almost an hour! While I was waiting in line, I searched where the post office is so I can quickly go there to drop off my pocket wifi rental before going through immigration.

The moment I saw from their website that there’s no post office in the international terminal, I began to panic! I searched more to find out if they have one at the domestic terminal. It says on their website that it’s permanently closed! Oh my gosh. So I searched for the location of the airport information counter. Right after checking in my luggage, I ran to the information counter. Showed the lady the package I have to return and asked her where the nearest post office is.

She told me what the website says that there are no post offices at the airport. And the nearest post office is at Hakata Station. I had to take the bus back to the domestic terminal, take the train the Hakata Station, go to the post office, take the train back to the airport, and take the bus back to the international terminal! I can’t do that because the plane will leave in 45 minutes! She told me to take the taxi, but she’s not sure if I can make it back for my flight.

I was crazy panicking. I don’t know how to return the pocket wifi! I don’t want to be fined for lost item. I talked to the people at the airport, asked them if they are willing to drop off my sealed package at the post office near Hakata Station. Of course no one would dare accept a sealed package from a complete stranger at the airport! I was hopeless.

Things changed when I talked to a girl with her parents. Told her my situation, showed her the package, she took it, and ran back into the airport. I just stood there with her parents who can’t speak English (awkward moment), then she came back out running with the information lady. And the information lady kept on apologizing, and lead me to the red post box just outside the airport. Dropped it off, and I ran straight to the immigration’s!

WHEW! Made it to my delayed flight! What an adventure!

And that concludes my trip.