Japan 2016 (6 of 7) Nokonoshima Island Park, Fukuoka Tower, Momochi Seaside Park & Yatai


Woke up around 1am by the sound of everyone’s phone warning. At the place where I’m staying, it is one big room with at least 40 beds. So I could hear everyone’s phone alarm. Then I checked my phone, my friend messaged me that a strong earthquake will hit Fukuoka. A few seconds later, I felt the earthquake. I was on the 7th floor that time. I opened my curtain and looked out to see if I should evacuate. But I saw the Japanese people just talking, they weren’t running out the door so I didn’t panic, and eventually I fell asleep while there were still little earthquakes after.


Nokonoshima Island Park

I had a feeling that it’s safe to go to the island even if we just had another earthquake, so I decided to go to the island!

Took a bus to Meinohama Ferry Passenger Terminal (¥370), then took a ferry to the island (¥480 two-way).


Once I arrived in the terminal, took a bus to the park (¥230). The island park was not as I have expected. If you google this place, you’ll see a beautiful field of yellow flower overlooking the ocean – what  have been looking forward to my entire trip. But when I got there, there were no more flowers and they were actually mowing the fields. I was very disappointed, however, there are other beautiful spots to see around the park.


This park is too big, very tiring to walk around!


They had these benches underneath these trees – perfect spot to rest after a long walk around the park.


Before going back I found the most beautiful field of flowers. Look at this! It’s incredible! By the way, the entrance fee to this park is ¥1000.


After going around the park, I was just in time for the bus to the ferry terminal (¥230). As we were going down the road, saw this sea wall near the terminal. When I arrived at the terminal, I checked the schedule of the next ferry, it’s in 20 minutes. So I ran to this place, quickly set-up my tripod, quickly snapped some photos, ran back to the ferry, just enough time to buy a drink before riding the ferry!


Fukuoka Tower


After debarking from the ferry, next destination is Fukuoka Tower. Walked to the bus terminal nearby, then I took a bus to Fukuoka Tower. I didn’t go up the tower anymore cause I don’t feel like paying an entrance fee to look at a cloudy view.


I needed to set the angle of the camera like this because there are a lot of Chinese tourists scattered around the area.

Before moving on, I had a very late lunch at a Subway in a mall beside the tower (¥540 for a sandwich). One of my favorite places to eat, good sandwich. But I accidentally dropped the tray I used into the trash bin along with my trash (sorry, Subway, I didn’t do it on purpose!)

Momochi Seaside Park

Just on the other side of the tower is the beach! It’s not as beautiful as the beaches we have  here in the Philippines, but it’s clean and decent. Sat on the beach to rest for a while, dipped my legs into the water but it was freezing cold! Then I went straight back to the hotel after this.


Fixed my stuff cause it’s my last night in Fukuoka. After packing, went out to have dinner. I walked to the Yatai area to check out where I can eat, but everything’s full. So I walked to a nearby mall, the Canal City Hakata, to have dinner there. On its top floor, they have a Ramen Stadium where there are lots of ramen restaurants to choose from. Had a black garlic ramen there. Not bad, but Ichiran’s ramen is way better.

After dinner part 1, walked back to Yatai, saw one of the food stall have seats so I went in. There’s not English menu (no surprise), I ended up eating grilled beef (¥1300) and a grilled shelled seafood (¥600), quite expensive. I didn’t know what I’m eating, I asked the person beside me if they know what it is. She’s from Hong Kong, she doesn’t know the English name of the shellfish, but she wrote down the Chinese character. Which I now know that it’s sea snail. It tasted really bad!


I was supposed to have dinner part three at the sushi place at the 2nd floor of my hotel. But they don’t want to serve me, I was told that they don’t take in walk-ins. I have to reserve in advance. Boo.